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DigIT Hub provides a network and innovation ecosystem of tools and services available to build digital capacities in ways that are adapted to meet your specific needs and levels of ambition

Supporting you with tools and services for digitalisation

At the heart of any digitalisation initative, you will find the tools and services that support and enable integration of new technologies and ways of working. DigIT Hub is here to help you get familiar with what is available as you get started with your digitalisation journey, and identify key technologies and processes that will be useful along the way.


    Tools & Services: What we offer

    Digital Maturity Scans

    Through Digital Maturity Scans, your organisation is offered a tool to understand and assess where you are currently at in your digital transformation journey. The results provide important insights for building a roadmap and ‘next steps’ for future developments.

    Digital Maturity Scans are offered in collaboration with our partners.

    Mind the Gap Analysis

    Mind the Gap is a structured model and process that helps your organisation identify a concrete action plan for digitalisation. It is based on where you are today and where you want to go – taking you from A to B on your digital journey.

    The method has been developed in partnership by Region Skåne, IUC Syd, Tillväxtverket and Almi.


    Test-before-invest environments (also referred to as testbeds) are digital or physical spaces where organisations are given the possibility to try new technology or digital processes .

    This allows for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new equipment intended for the own organisation.

    Do you offer tools or services that can help support increased digitalisation in Southern Sweden?

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