Experiment with new digital technologies in safe environments 

Providing access to technical expertise and experimentation

Test-before-invest environments are digital or physical spaces where organisations are given the possibility to try new technology or digital processes.

This allows for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new equipment intended for the own organisation.


    Three ways to test-before-invest

    with DigIT Hub

    1: Live Demos

    → Seeing is believing

    Get inspired and familiarize yourself with digital solutions through live demo sessions (accessible online).

    Experts and guest speakers join us to present their digital solutions in a friendly environment, where you are guided through features and capabilities of various digital technologies currently available.

    This option is great if you want a shorter introduction to a technology, or are looking to experience digital technologies from the comfort of your office.

    2: Lab Environments

    → Testing the waters

    In our DigIT Hub Lab Environments, you are able to test digital work flows and try out a selection of digital technologies for yourself.

    Smart Cities @ Studio Stadshuset

    Develop your digital processes at Studio Stadshuset (run by Lunds Kommun), with hands-on support in service design and agile working methods.

    Smart Industry @ IUC Lab

    Step into our smart factory lab at IUC Syd to try out robots, co-bots, 3D-printers, digital twins and simulations technologies.

    3: Testbeds

    → Your time to shine

    In our associated testbed environments, you are given the opportunity to test technologies of your own choosing.

    This is typically done over a longer period of time in a controlled environment, and is great for testing how different variables can affect the performance or output of a particular digital technology.

    This option is great if you are looking for facilities, testing equipment and expert support to go more in-depth in your evaluation process.

    Do you offer a lab or testing environment that is suitable for digital technologies?

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