Experiment with new digital technologies in safe environments 

Test-before-invest with DigIT Hub

Test-before-invest environments are digital or physical spaces where organisations are given the possibility to try new technology or digital processes.

This allows for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new equipment intended for your own organisation. Explore some of our available testbed below, and contact our team for getting access to them.


A physical and test and simulation environment with development workshop for production. Through the test environment you’ll get access to among others Siemens software for digital twins, as well as a development workshop with an industrial robot, 3D printing and desktop CNC, among other things. Here are ample opportunity to work with innovation for your current product and/or production.


RISE has up towards 100 test- and demonstration environments available for businesses, academia and public sector. Here, material, products, services and processes be scaled up and be tested under “real” conditions. Every test bed is surrounded by a wide networks of expertise.



Sigma Connectivity

Sigma Connectivity is an innovation and product realising partner. They offer one of Europe’s most advanced lab for smart, connected product design, test and verifying lab that is needed for these products to make an impact on the market. The prototype lab can, for example, give you quick prototypes and error analysis for fast implementation of design ideas and shorter development timelines.

LTH Open Doors

LTH (Lunds Tekniska Högskola) can be a natural development partner for you. LTH Open Doors gives you access to a large portion of the equipment they have on site. The price depends on what equipment that is required, as well as what kind of support that is needed from LTH personell.



Nolato has a test/demonstrations lab for injection moulding and material. Here you can get insight and learn more about injection moulding as well as different materials connected to it. There are also opportunities for collaborations within smart materials and smart sustainable locations.


Festo has a problem solving workshop with opportunities to test their products to help solve issues within pneumatic and automation.





Växjö Linnaeus Science Park

Discover and see the possibilites with VR/AR for investing in your own technology. XR Lab is a unique, open lab environment where you improve your knowledge surrounding VR and AR on every level.

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