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DigIT Hub ensures that you are never alone on your digitalisation journey

A large network of partners working to support you

A little bit of help goes a long way, and when it comes to digitalisation there is strength in having access to a broad support network. DigIT Hub has strong partners in business, academia and the public sector, and a wide range of digitalisation experts who are here to help you throughout your digitalisation journey. 


    Support Network: What we offer

    Funding Support

    Access to funding is an important enabler of digitalisation initiatives.

    DigIT Hub can help connect you with funding advisors, provide guidance, and access to funding programmes. We also offer support when searching external financing or grants, and can help you prepare your funding applications.
    +46 (0) 70 274 59 72

    Matchmaking Platform

    Our collaborative matchmaking platform provides access to digital and physical spaces where our network meets and solves digitalisation challenges together.

    The forum fosters discussion, support and connections, and facilitates matchmaking between needs and solution providers. 

    Access to Europe

    The European Commission is helping organisations digitalise by building a network of digital innovation hubs in Europe (EDIHs).

    As a selected EDIH-candidate for Sweden, DigIT Hub offers valuable connections with other hubs at national and European level for cross-border collaboration.

    Do you want to become part of the DigIT Hub support network?

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