Skills & Training

DigIT Hub works closely with training centers, research institutions and educational programmes to provide skills in digitalisation

Supporting you with education and enhanced digital skills

New technology and digital processes are only as good as the ability to use and understand them – making digital skills and competences key to any digitalisation initiative. At DigIT Hub, we work with education providers to support digital learning at both basic and advanced levels.

    Skills & Training: What we offer

    Educational Programmes

    DigIT Hub works in close collaboration with competence centers and colleges to develop tailored educational programmes that meet the future digital needs within the job market. 

    Our educational programmes and study visits are designed to be relevant, inclusive, diverse and sustainable.

    Learning Events

    A variety of learning events are hosted through DigIT Hub – with formats ranging from traditional workshops and seminars, to interactive hackathons and “failure sessions”.

    The themes are tailored to current needs and demands, and cater to both beginners and experts (depending on the topic area). 

    Research Support

    DigIT Hub acts as a bridge between the private sector, the public sector and research institutions, and contributes to bringing practical needs of the business community to research being done in academic settings. 

    We facilitate the application and use of research findings, and help inform future research areas.
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