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DigIT Hub is financially backed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Skåne, and led by regional innovation clusters Mobile Heights, Media Evolution and IUC Syd in collaboration with Lund University (LTH) and Malmö University. DigIT Hub is also supported by key partners in the public sector, industry, academia and research.

DigIT Hub Co-Funders

European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions.

Region Skåne

Region Skåne is the regional council of Scania County in Sweden, and works to ensure that the residents of Skåne are healthy and believe in the future. 

DigIT Hub Project Leads

Mobile Heights

Project Owner & Co-Lead: ICT

Mobile Heights is a non-profit ICT cluster organisation and networking community promoting innovation and growth in the digital world by connecting business, academia and society.


Co-Lead: Manufacturing industry

IUC Syd is a non-profit, members based industrial development center that strengthens growth and competitiveness of manufacturing companies in Skåne, Sweden.

Media Evolution

Co-Lead: Digital industry

Media Evolution is a non-profit members organisation that promotes the conditions for growth and innovation in the media industries and organisations dealing with digital development. 

Lund University - LTH

Co-Lead: Academia

LTH is the technical faculty at Lund University in Sweden, with approximately 10,000 students and 1000 researchers focusing on industry, digitalisation, building society, climate and life.

Malmö University

Co-Lead: Academia

Malmö University is an innovative, urban and international university located in the center of Malmö, characterized by the role that universities have in an open, sustainable and equal society.

DigIT Hub Project Partners

Lunds kommun

Partner: Public Sector

In Lund, tradition and innovation meet. In the medieval city it is as close to universities and cutting-edge research as to nature and culture.

Malmö stad

Partner: Public Sector

Diversity and opportunities: In the city of Malmö, work is done with pride in the service of democracy – for everyone who lives and works here. 


Partner: Research 

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner in collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector.


Partner: Industry

Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs.  


Partner: Industry

Nolato develops and manufactures customer-specific products in polymer materials for global customers in selected industrial sectors.


Partner: Industry

Scanfil is a trusted manufacturing partner and the system supplier for the most demanding customers in the international electronics industry.

Sigma Connectivity

Partner: Industry

Sigma Connectivity is a leading consulting group with frontier know-how in technology, design, and engineering, and a relentless passion for better solutions.

Wallåkra Mekaniska

Partner: Industry

Wallåkra Mekaniska works with lego manufacturing for many different applications, specialized in turning and milling in CNC-controlled machines.

VATI of Sweden

Partner: Sustainability

VATI of Sweden educate and certify businesses and Change Agents through SDG certification with United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals.

DigIT Hub Supporting Partners


Supporter: Financing

Almi is Sweden’s most active business developer, providing venture capital, loans and business assistance to Swedish companies and business concepts with growth potential.

Big Science Sweden

Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

Big Science Sweden is Sweden’s official Industrial Liaison (ILO) and the link between Swedish industry, institutes, academia, and Big Science research facilities in which Sweden is a member. 

Blue Science Park

Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

At Blue Science Park, research meets the needs that exist in business and the public sector – building cutting-edge competence and accelerating innovation and digital transformation.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

The EEN provides support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with international ambitions, through partnerships, advice and innovation.

Helsingborgs stad

Supporter: Public sector

The City of Helsingborg is located in the south of Sweden, and has set its sight on becoming one of Euorope’s most innovative cities by offering an open innovation platform for city innovations.

Linnaeus University

Supporter: Academia

Linnaeus University is located in Växjö and Kalmar, and offers a creative and international knowledge environment promoting curiosity, creativity, companionship and utility.


Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent och Registreringsverket – PRV) is the centre for intellectual property rights – striving to promote innovation and growth in Sweden.

Region Blekinge

Supporter: Public sector

Region Blekinge’s mission is to promote sustainable development in Blekinge through health care, public health, regional growth, infrastructure, public transport, culture and education. 

Region Kronoberg

Supporter: Public sector

Region Kronoberg promotes health, sustainability and growth in Kronoberg – guided by the vision of a good life in a vibrant county that is attractive to reside, live and work in.


Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

Techtank is a cluster initiative in southern Sweden that works to promote the development of industrial companies, strengthen their competitiveness and create growth in the region.

Videum Science Park

Supporter: Innovation Ecosystem

Videum Science Park’s role is to support the establishment of new businesses in Växjö – by creating the region’s leading environment for knowledge enterprises and growth businesses.

Växjö kommun

Supporter: Public sector

Växjö is a green expansive city with a renowned environmental policy, a rich and diverse business environment, and a growth rate comparable to Sweden’s major cities.

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