Our Innovation Ecosystem

DigIT Hub brings end-users and potential suppliers of technological solutions into contact with each other

Networking for digitalisation

At the heart of any digitalisation initative, you will find the tools and services that support and enable integration of new technologies and ways of working.

DigIT Hub is here to help you network and connect with our extended innovation ecosystem, and identify key technologies, resources and suppliers that will be useful on your digitalisation journey.


    We also have the following tools and services available:

    Skills & Training

    DigIT Hub works closely with training centers, educational providers and research institutions to help build digital skills within your organisation through training and events.


    Test-before-invest environments allowing for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new equipment intended for the own organisation.

    Support to Find Investments

    DigIT Hub ensures that you are never alone on your digital journey, with direct access to financing opportunities and a vast network of partners in business, academia and the public sector.

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