INVEST: Support to Find Investments

Enabling digitalisation initiatives through funding support and advice

A large network of funding partners working to support you

A little bit of help goes a long way, and access to funding is an important enabler of digitalisation initiatives. 

DigIT Hub can help connect you with funding advisors, provide guidance on funding programmes and other relevant financing mechanisms. 

    Support to Find Investments: What we offer

    Digitalisation Cheques

    Receive financing for digital initiatives in your own organisation – valued up to 250.000 SEK.

    Led by Region Skåne, the Digitalisation Cheques strengthen and increase competitiveness amongst businesses in southern Sweden by supporting their digital transformation journeys.
    +46 (0) 70 274 59 72

    Missions Programme

    Through the DigIT Hub Missions Programme, SMEs and the public sector can apply to receive up to 200.000 SEK in expert support for in-house digitalisation projects.

    The result is a lasting digital effort that is implemented in your organisation and shared as a reference case for others.

    I4MS Contact Point

    DigIT Hub is the first I4MS Contact Point in Sweden. I4MS is an initiative promoted by the European Commission in order to foster the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe. 

    This means that we are an official resource for the manufacturing industry in southern Sweden when looking to digitally transform.
    +46 (0) 70 274 59 72

    Access to Europe

    The European Commission is helping organisations digitalise by building a network of digital innovation hubs in Europe (EDIHs). 

    As a selected EDIH-candidate for Sweden, DigIT Hub offers valuable connections with other hubs at national and European level for cross-border collaboration.

    Questions about DigIT Hub’s financing and investment support?

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