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We help the manufacturing industry and the public sector in Southern Sweden digitalise

An initiative co-funded by the European Union

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Bring your digitalisation project to life

Digitalisation has changed our way of interacting with customers, partners, and citizens.

For companies in the manufacturing industry, digital transformation is required to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly connected world.

For the public sector, it’s about meeting the new digital expectations of citizens and utilising technology to create a positive impact on society.

DigIT Hub Sweden assists organisations in southern Sweden in achieving their digitisation goals through access to a hub of tools, services, educational opportunities, and partner networks.

Whether you have just started a digitalisation project or face complex challenges in an existing project, we help you along the way.


Competence and Education

DigIT Hub Sweden has a close collaboration with educational centers, training providers, and research institutions, and can assist you in building digital competence within your organisation. We are building digital capacity for those employed today, as well as for future generations.


Test enviroments

DigIT Hub Sweden provides environments that enable you to test before investing in new tools or digital equipment. The testing environments are available in both digital and physical settings.


Partner network

Through DigIT Hub Sweden, you gain access to an innovation ecosystem in the form of a partner network. The network offers various tools and services that make it easier to choose the technology or digital process that meets your needs.


Funding support

DigIT Hub Sweden ensures that you are never alone on your digital journey. We provide you with access to funding opportunities and expert support, as well as a network of investors and business developers at the regional, national, and European levels.


Curious about events we offer? Check out our event calendar for upcoming events!

DigIT Hub Sweden’s partner network

We support you on your digitalisation journey

In 2020, DigIT Hub was established as a regional digital innovation hub in southern Sweden.

Since then, DigIT Hub Sweden has been selected by the European Commission as a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH).

Being part of the DigIT Hub hackathon was very rewarding. Our group worked well together, and we left with comprehensive solutions to all the digital challenges we were there to “hack.” It was enjoyable to participate and accomplish so much valuable work in such a short time.

Håkan Lindell
Digital Business Developer – Netsolutions

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