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We help the public sector and manufacturing industry in Southern Sweden reach their digitalisation goals

An initiative co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

Smarter together:

We help you take your digitalisation projects from idea to reality

Digitalisation is changing the way we interact with customers, partners and citizens.

For businesses in the manufacturing industry, the digital shift means staying competitive and relevant in an interconnected world.

For the public sector, it’s a matter of meeting changing expectations, and using technology to create positive impact on society. 

At DigIT Hub, we help organisations in southern Sweden reach their digitalisation goals – by providing a well-founded hub of tools, services, training opportunities, and partner networks.

Regardless of whether you are just getting started or have complex digitalisation challenges to tackle, DigIT Hub is here to help you along the way.

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Digitalisation: How DigIT Hub can support you

LEARN: Skills & Training

DigIT Hub works closely with training centers, educational providers and research institutions to help build digital skills within your organisation. We build digital capacity for those currently employed, as well as for future generations.

TEST: Test-Before-Invest

Test-before-invest environments allowing for hands-on demonstration and trial before investing in new tools or equipment that support or enable digitalisation. This is offered in both digital and physical settings.

NETWORK: Our Innovation Ecosystem

DigIT Hub provides access to an innovation ecosystem that offers a range of tools and services to help you identify, select and implement appropriate technologies and digital processes that meet your current needs.

INVEST: Support to Find Investments

DigIT Hub ensures that you are never alone on your digital journey, with direct access to financing opportunities and a vast network of partners in business, academia and the public sector. 

Why digitalise?

There is broad consensus that it is not possible to continue with ‘business-as-usual’ if we are to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future.

Digitalisation helps organisations meet the changing expectations of customers, employees, and citizens. It’s about finding ways to perform work or deliver services that are efficient and sustainable in the long run. Through means of digitalisation, organisations are now able to tailor services to a higher degree, while also increasing productivity. What could digitalisation do for you?

Let us help you!

Stay relevant. Stay competitive. Stay part of the future.

Let’s Go Digital Together

You are not alone on your digitalisation journey. Through DigIT Hub, you get access to tools and expertise to meet you and your organisation exactly where you are – and get you where you want to be.

DigIT Hub is financially backed by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Skåne, and led by regional innovation clusters Mobile Heights, Media Evolution and IUC Syd in collaboration with Lund University (LTH) and Malmö University. DigIT Hub is also supported by key partners in the public sector, industry, academia and research.

I don't know where to start when it comes to digitalisation. Help!

Digitalisation means different things to different organisations, as do the needs and ability to implement digital initiatives.

We understand that it can feel like a jungle out there, and that it is difficult (and sometimes frustrating!) to know where to get started. No prior knowledge is needed to take part of DigIT Hubs services, and our team is here to support you and your organisation based on where you are currently at in your digitalisation process. The most important thing is the willingness to get started – and the fact that you are here is a great start. Let us support you and your organisation in taking the next steps, and tackle your digitalisation journey together. 

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What kind of services does DigIT Hub offer?

DigIT Hub offers a wide range of services to organisations looking to digitalise, with the ambition of meeting an organisation’s unique needs regardless of where you are on your journey. Broadly, we offer services in the following areas:

Learn: Skills & Training

Test: Test-Before-Invest

Network: Innovation Ecosystems & Networking

Invest: Support to Find Investmenst

With the breadth and depth of expertise we have access to through DigIT Hub, we are able to offer well-founded support to those organizations that need help getting started with their first or early digitalisation projects. We also support organizations that already have started their digitalisation journey, but now are in need of special expertise, further training, or additional resources in order to successfully carry out their digitalisation project.

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Who can use DigIT Hub's services?

DigIT Hub’s services are geared towards organisations that meet the following three criteria:

1) Type of organisation

  • Small- to medium sized enterprise (SME), or
  • Public sector entity

2) Location

  • Located in Skåne, Sweden or
  • Located in Blekinge, Sweden

3) Area of activity

  • Smart Cities & Societies, or
  • Smart Manufacturing & Industry

Note: These criteria only apply to the beneficiaries and end-users of DigIT Hub’s services.

Potential partners, contributors or suppliers of DigIT Hub do not need to meet the listed criteria, and are welcome to inquire about becoming part of DigIT Hub’s extended network regardless of size, location or area of activity.

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Is it free to use DigIT Hub's services?

Yes! DigIT Hub is operated with financing from the European Regional Development Fund and Region Skåne in Southern Sweden. This means that the majority of services and activities offered through DigIT Hub are free of charge to any organisation using them, including (but not limited to) our digital tools, events, expertise and testing environments.

For any needs that fall outside DigIT Hubs regular services, there may also be opportunities for additional funding through our DigIT Hub Missions Programme or extended partner network.

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I am looking for thought-leaders in digitalisation. How can you help?

Not only does DigIT Hub support organisations who are just getting started on their digitalisation journey, we are also here to engage thought-leaders and experts to further developments within the field of digitalisation itself.

Our partner network includes researchers from leading universities and research institutes. In addition to their combined expertise and research on digitalisation, we are also able to provide access to advanced lab environments, a diverse range of test beds and state-of-the-art technology.

DigIT Hub is also involved in shaping educational programmes, to ensure that future needs and demands in digitalisation are met by current training, curriculum and research agendas. Here, part of our mandate is to integrate important aspects of inclusion, representation, diversity and sustainability.

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Can you help me find financing for digitalisation projects?

Yes! Within DigIT Hub there are various options for additional funding support. We also have a large support network of partners – including funding agencies and investors at both regional, national and European levels.

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  • Quote from Jens Grip, Sjöbergska Huset AB: "I thought it was great collaborating with people from different industries to solve digitalisation challenges - it gives good perspective on things. I participated at DigIT Hubs event 'Digitalisation for Growth' to contribute with ideas and knowledge. When you do that together with other open-minded people, I find that you gain just as much knowledge in return!"

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In 2020, DigIT Hub was established as a regional Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in southern Sweden. DigIT Hub has since been selected by the Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, as a Swedish candidate to also receive status as a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH).

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